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Fifth Missouri Infantry Member Page


Gettysburg 140th For July 4, 5, 6, 2003 has been moved to August 8, 9, 10th 2003 due to the wet weather in the area.  The company is now looking at the possibility of not going to Gettysburg and supporting the local Lone Jack event. Please inform me of your wishes as soon as possible. 


Gettysburg 140th July 4, 5, 6, 2003

The following are the members I have going to Gettysburg 140th. The Following folks I have registered to go to Gettysburg are:

  1.. Mike White
  2.. Sam Hafley
  3.. Joe Hafley
  4.. Greg Hafley
  5.. Travis Tackett
  6.. Richard Burton
  7.. Larry Dietzel
  8.. Dave Plowman
  9.. Mike Hamilton
  10.. Jeremy Jones
  11.. Thomas Robinson
  12.. Jim Robinson
  13.. David Abernathy
  14.. Alan Bowling
  15.. Ann Bowling- Civ
  16.. Steve Fink
  17.. Mike Cauthen
  18.. Dave Bullock


2003 Dues Notice
If you have not paid your dues for this year please do so as soon as possible.

Individual & Family membership ($12 & MCWRA $10)= $22.00
Each additional member whishing to receive a MCWRA vote add $10.00
Associate Membership (News Letter only)= $9.00

Make checks payable to FIFTH MISSOURI INFANTRY (CSA), INC
Return to: 920 west Broadway Columbia, MO 65203

Navy Arms musket cap tin of 250 selling for the cost of $7.00 each.

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